Buy Twitter Social Data Provider Company

Twitter announced that it has purchased the company’s social data providers , Gnip , to values ​​that are not disclosed on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) . Twitter shares soared thanks to this announcement because social data is believed to be very attractive to corporate and government segments .

Twitter is in the stock price of 45.52 dollars at the close of trading on Tuesday , moving up 4.65 percent compared to the previous day .

Twitter said in a blog publications that deal with Gnip allows them to dig deeper analysis of 500 million per day posed chirp users .

Companies based in San Francisco , California , USA , before utilizing the data belonging to third party companies , namely Datasift and Dataminr , to buy and sell the data analysis chirp back to the corporate segment .

" The chirp of the public can reveal various insights . So many institutions academics , journalists , marketers , brands , politicians , and development , which regularly use Twitter and collect data to see trends , sentiment analysis , looking for news , connect with customers , and more , "said Jana Messerschmidt , Vice President of Twitter .

Gnip was founded in 2008 . They have teamed up with Twitter for four years , but also provides social data to content on Tumblr , WordPress , Reddit , Instagram , and Foursquare .

Ryan Sarver , a former director of the Twitter platform and now works for the company investors Redpoint Ventures , said the acquisition could immediately boost earnings Twitter . Because , there are hundreds of clients in finance , media , and government , which utilize Twitter data and are willing to pay to get the data.

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" There is a huge latent value in linimassa Twitter , " Ryan said , as quoted by Reuters .


In Surabaya Society Invites Use BBG

CNG Association of Indonesia ( APCNGI ) East Java Surabaya and surrounding communities encourage use of gas fuel ( BBG ) .

" These efforts also help the government to promote the use of motor vehicles with CNG . One of them held a road show socialization of CNG for vehicles in Surabaya , " said Chairman APCNGI East Java , Puspito N Buntoro on Socialization Use of CNG in Jakarta, Tuesday ( 15/4 ) .

" In addition to cheap , CNG is also very environmentally friendly and is very good for the performance of motor vehicle engines , " he said .

This, he explained, is evidenced by the 264 units of personal and company vehicles that have been converted to ” Natural Gas Vehicle / NGV ” . Of that amount , mostly motor vehicle operated in Gresik , Surabaya , Sidoarjo , and Mojokerto .

Regarding the price , he added , only Rp4.500 BBG / Liter Equivalent Premium ( LSP ) without subsidies and ” Research Octane Number ” ( RON ) 120 .

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From the operational side of the vehicle , CNG also produces a much more complete combustion than fuel . ” Exhaust emissions of CNG vehicles compared to only a third of the exhaust emissions of petroleum -fueled vehicles , ” he said .


Polio Vaccine Sales Still Dependable Bio Farma

Owned pharmaceutical company PT Bio Farma ( Persero ) rely on the support of polio vaccine as the biggest sales .
The Company’s expected contribution polio vaccine sales amounted to 60 % of total revenues this year of Rp 2 trillion .

This value is equivalent to Rp 1.2 trillion . Bio Farma director Iskandar claims , polio vaccine sales company is also selling around the world .
" The polio vaccine we ‘ve exported to 127 countries and dominate global sales , " he claims .

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Despite already having flagship product , does not mean the company did not develop a new vaccine products . He said the company annually budgeted Rp 100 - Rp 200 billion for research .

Well , the research is now bearing fruit with a new product or a pentavalent vaccine combination vaccine of DPT - HB - base HiB for babies .

Pentavelan vaccine is still waiting to get his license prequalification from the World Health Organization ( WHO ) in order to enter the market in other countries .

" We are still waiting for permission from the WHO first , hopefully this July could license out . So , it is still marketed in the domestic first . New vaccine is expected to contribute revenues of 20 % , " he said .


Know Technology Fast or Quick Count

Currently , the Quick Count the center of attention throughout the community who want to monitor the vote count results legislative election results quickly and instantly .

Quick Count is a method of verifying election results , the data obtained from the samples in the field . Unlike the pooling technology , the sample was not obtained from the respondents who were questioned one by one , but is obtained from official recapitulation in the field .

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So , what are the technologies that are used for calculating the success of a Quick Count ? The answer depends on each institution . However , technology Short Message Service ( SMS ) or text messaging service on mobile phones , is popularly used by agencies Quick Count counter .

Just as an aside , this is not the first technology called Quick Count , but the Parallel Vote Tabulation or in parallel voter tabulation .

Well , now the question is how to utilize this technology to be applied Quick Count in the field ? Here is a quote Quick Count how commonly done by the survey agencies :

1 . Preparing tools and support systems to be able to deliver data quickly to a data processing center pollsters who perform the Quick Count method . These devices ranging from computers for inputting data for a mobile phone to send an SMS to the election results to the server where the received data.

2 . Election polling stations as a data retrieval . TPS are taken at random based on consideration of the total population , the latest turnout , voter distribution as in how many villages are scattered , and so on . In short , if voters proportionally many sample sites ( TPS ) taken too much and to represent the characteristics of the population .

3 . Preparing volunteers to take samples and inputting it into the data system . The number of volunteers is enough to take the data from the polling stations have been .

4 . Data that have been obtained will be processed in the data center by early applied science stasistik , processed the data from this survey agencies can quickly calculate the winner of the election .

If we look at the workings of the Quick Count , we can interpret that the results of the calculation of the Quick Count is not the result of calculation of all polling stations to vote , but rather by using the principle of statistical science .

Thus , the institution that organizes the Quick Count survey only takes a sample of the many polling stations and polling stations have taken from populations and share many other considerations .

Although the results of this instant quick count and certainly never on , but the results of the Quick Count ( organized by pollsters who are capable and honest ) never misses who won from the election . [ from various sources ]


Spreading Million Mangrove seedlings in Site Learning Kurricaddi

may be a historic day for Mangrove Action Project (MAP ) Indonesian and Kurricaddi Hamlet , Village Nisombalia , Maros , South Sulawesi . That day , World Learning and the Mangrove Pond Kurricaddi inaugurated , characterized stocking million mangrove seedlings to an area of ​​23.38 hectares .

The land , a former farm which was opened by converting mangroves . These seeds are expected to adapt and find a location worthy of zoning grow . Mangrove species planted were identified once grew in this region but it is lost or reduced as land conversion .

Kurricaddi World Learning ‘s probably the only site studied by the method of ecological mangrove mangrove restoration ( EMR ) , has not been widely applied .

Nurdin Yusran Mass , Senior Project MAP Indonesia , told Mongabay said , there are many mangrove study sites , such as mangrove planting centers with limited activity . That way , the success of mangrove rehabilitation in Indonesia and the Asia -Pacific is considered very low .

"One of the results of research Robin Roy Lewis , practitioners mangrove world of the MAP shows , 90 percent of mangrove restoration project did not achieve the goal of restoration , " he said .

Heavy equipment , excavators make tidal waterways and creating an appropriate substrate height for mangrove growth . Source: Yusran , MAP Indonesia
Heavy equipment , excavators make tidal waterways and creating an appropriate substrate height for mangrove growth . Source: Yusran , MAP Indonesia

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In Kurricaddi , he said , wearing EMR method , conventional restoration pattern , which emphasizes on the improvement of ecological conservation , to be suitable for mangrove growth . ” In making this study area using the land demolition excavator . Farm lands dismantled , restored to its original state . “

With the EMR method , the seeds were allowed to grow naturally in the surrounding area . ” The next three years of our evaluation . Indicators of success if there is a minimum of 1,250 seedlings per hectare to grow , ” said Yusran .

The seeds collected from various regions . Addition of about Hamlet Kurricaddi , also Majene , West Sulawesi . ” We planted four varieties of mangrove based on research found in this area in the past , among other Ceriops sp , Bruguiera sp , Avicennia sp and sp Aegiceras . “

During this three-year period will be monitored every six months , involving researchers from the Working Group, World Learning Kurricaddi and Muhammadiyah University ( Unismuh ) Makassar .

The study site under the management of Unismuh . Abdul Malik , Unismuh Pond Management Responsibility , said , students from several levels of education in the university has a research and media research . In fact , it could encourage many researchers and other academics to share knowledge and research results related to mangroves and ponds .

Ratna Fadillah , Project Director of MAP Indonesia hopes , return of mangrove ecosystems and communities could be encouraged through the study site . ” As well as a natural laboratory when studying mangroves and ponds . “


Revenge, U.S. visa rejected Iran’s UN ambassador nominee

Government of the United States ( U.S. ) visa candidates finally reject the Iranian ambassador to the UN , Hamid Aboutalebi . The cause , the U.S. still hold a grudge with Aboutalebi involved storming the U.S. embassy in Tehran when the Iranian Revolution in 1979.
Aboutalebi and Iranian students are also accused of involvement in acts of hostage 52 employees and U.S. diplomats for 444 days at the time. Refusal to issue a visa to Aboutalebi was delivered to the White House . Thus , Iran’s UN ambassador nominee it could not set foot in the U.S. .
U.S. President , Barack Obama has been under pressure from the U.S. Congress does not allow Aboutalebi to enter the land of Uncle Sam . White House appointment Aboutalebi judging by the Iranian government as UN ambassador was not feasible .
White House spokesman , Jay Carney , told Reuters on Saturday ( 04/12/2014 ) , confirming the U.S. refusal to issue visas for prospective Iranian ambassador to the United Nations . ” We will not issue visas to Aboutalebi , ” Carney said .
Meanwhile , in an interview with Iranian media , Aboutalebi denied that he was part of a group that stormed and U.S. diplomats hostage when Iranian revolution broke out .

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A spokesman for Iran’s UN ambassador , Hamid Babaei , regrets the U.S. decision . ” It’s against international law , ” he said .


Insulting the Prophet Muhammad, Dutch activists can void title

Brandeis University in the United States canceled provide a degree of respect for Ayaan Hirsi Ali , the Somali -born Dutch activist . The cause , in the past it was never issued a comment activists insults against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad .
Private universities outside the Boston area , the United States explore the track record of the woman activist . They find documentation of Ayaan interview with the Dutch newspaper in 2003. In the interview , the activists called Islam is synonymous with violence and the Prophet Mohammed to think of it as a fedofil .
Ayaan who is a former member of the Dutch parliament known as a critic of the religion of Islam . ” We can not ignore certain statements in the past that is not in accordance with the core values ​​of Brandeis University , ” the university statement said , as quoted by Reuters on Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) .
" We regret that we are not aware of previous reports , " continued the statement campuses in the United States . The decision to cancel the award as well as the response of an open letter issued by the Council on American - Islamic Relations to the leadership of Brandeis University , Frederick Lawrence .

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" Not worth the tradition of civil liberties and religious freedom America , " reads a fragment of the open letter . Nihad Awad , national executive director of the group, said the award to Ayaan as well as promoting the work of white supremacists and anti - Semites .
Meanwhile , Ayaan surprised with keputudan Brandeis University .


HTC One (M8) No Problem slam & Soaked

SEOUL - The latest phone from HTC , the HTC One ( M8 ) , has a high resistance to water even though the device does not have an official certificate waterproof .

Not only is resistant to water , HTC devices that were introduced on 25 March it also has a high body toughness . Three tests were performed , the test falls , scratch test , and the water resistance test . Surprisingly , HTC One ( M8 ) is able to pass three tests.

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The device is coated with 90 percent of the metal really makes a sturdy body . As quoted PhoneArena , Monday ( 07/04/2014 ) , this phone was dropped many times , even up to a slam , but there is not the slightest damage on the phone body .

The tests also showed resilience HTC screen ( M8 ) are not easily scratched even in extreme circumstances though . Proven no small scratches that appear on the phone screen as a result of the test .

But more startling is the water resistance test . As we know , HTC ( M8 ) did not have a certificate or IP67 waterproof like the Samsung Galaxy S5 . Which can guarantee the phone will still be alive when dipped in water .

However, HTC ( M8 ) which do not have the certificate is able to survive in the pool for over an hour and did not damage any of the phones .

Various features can still function well as two cameras and two speakers . The phone has such resistance IP67 certified phone . However, it should be emphasized again , HTC ( M8 ) is not referred to as a waterproof phone .


The investigation involved the CIA and MI6 Loss of Malaysia Airlines MH370

British secret service is investigating the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 , Malaysia’s transport minister said on Saturday ( 29/03/2014 ) . Disclosure that MI6 and the CIA helped the Malaysian authorities will add to speculation that the plane was hijacked terrorists .

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Hope is rising among the search teams on Saturday night that a plane debris that may finally have been found , three weeks after the plane went missing . A photograph of an object floating in the Indian Ocean south taken New Zealand Air Force plane that had been combing the ocean to find some clues . A number of ships have been sent to find the object , while an expert warned that the object could have been a piece of equipment commonly used trawlers .

Photos of the New Zealand came a few hours after the Chinese and Australian teams have reported seeing what is the probability that the wreckage in the same area . Until now , all what seems to be the debris proved to be associated with the missing passenger jet .

When the number of reports it appears , attention turned again to what may have caused the plane disappeared . Hishammuddin Hussein , Malaysia’s acting transport minister , said on Saturday that MI6 and the CIA are working together with the Chinese spy agency to determine what happened to the 239 passengers and crew of the Boeing 777 . Hishammuddin is not fixated on the related theories because the plane was missing . He said the loss of the aircraft could be due to ” terrorism , piracy , personal and psychological problems , or technical failure ” .

" This scenario has been discussed at length by the intelligence agencies are different , " he said .

The accident investigator believes that the loss of the aircraft and the decision to disable the communication system seems intentional . But they did not find evidence for a motive .

MI6 is alleged to have helped extensive background checks of each of the 239 passengers and crew of the plane but nothing suspicious has emerged . Hishammuddin says , MI6 also check out ” pings ” emitted by aircraft that are now used to map out a route flight for seven hours after the communication system is disabled .

" Now we ‘re talking about data and satellite imagery , the CIA has been involved , China has engaged intelligence , MI6 had been involved , " said Hishammuddin .

Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared from radar screens in flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing more than three weeks ago . An explanation of the loss of the aircraft so far elusive . The plane should have strayed far from the path , the communication system ” deliberately ” cut and flown into the southern Indian Ocean . The plane was believed to have run out of fuel and crashed into the sea off the coast of Australia . (see also: Situs download themes)

Disclosure that intelligence agencies are involved in the investigation will be back led to speculation that the loss of the aircraft is a crime , not a mechanical failure . Malaysian police investigation has centered on the pilot MH370 , Zaharie Ahmad Shah . But an examination of a flight simulator that was seized from his home did not find any ” crime ” , said Hishammuddin .

Zaharie , 53, who is the father of the child , is a seasoned pilot . He uses the simulator to play the game .


Anjing liar Afrika

Tentang : African anjing liar
Pemandangan paket 50 - kuat anjing liar Afrika dalam aksi telah menjadi salah satu dari kacamata yang paling indah dan menyenangkan di padang rumput Afrika yang luas . Anjing liar yang terkenal dengan ikatan keluarga yang kuat , dan siapa pun yang cukup beruntung untuk menyaksikan interaksi mereka dengan sampah baru dari anak anjing tidak dapat gagal disambar oleh pengabdian kolektif mereka . Damai dan koperasi dalam kelompok keluarga mereka , mereka terlihat setelah mereka muda dan sakit dan bergantung satu sama lain untuk bertahan hidup . (see also: obat burung)

Sayangnya , pertemuan tersebut semakin langka sebagai karismatik anjing liar Afrika didorong lebih dekat dan lebih dekat dengan kepunahan . Sisa populasi sedang dihapuskan oleh kerusakan sembarangan habitat alami mereka , penyebaran penyakit seperti rabies dan distemper ditangkap dari hewan domestik , dan penganiayaan oleh manusia yang melihat mereka sebagai hama .

Anjing liar adalah ’ flagship ’ spesies . Keberadaannya sinyal ekosistem yang sehat dan konservasi sejalan dengan kelangsungan hidup spesies lain yang tak terhitung dan perlindungan dari lanskap yang lebih luas .

Niassa National Reserve di Mozambik adalah salah satu terbaik - menyimpan rahasia Afrika . Padang gurun murni dan relatif belum diselidiki Ini adalah salah satu kawasan lindung terbesar di seluruh benua , dan merupakan salah satu tempat perlindungan terakhir bagi anjing liar Afrika - menyediakan area besar habitat yang menawarkan surga bagi 450 hewan .

Fauna & Flora International ( FFI ) telah membantu mitra lokal kami untuk mengelola cadangan megah ini selama hampir satu dekade . Meskipun kami telah mencapai beberapa keberhasilan yang luar biasa di Niassa selama waktu itu , kita masih menghadapi beberapa tantangan berat . Bentrokan tanah antara manusia dan karnivora besar seperti anjing liar dan singa dapat menyebabkan kerugian tragis dan tidak perlu di kedua sisi .

Afrika fakta anjing liar :

Nama ilmiah mereka Lycaon pictus berarti ’ dicat , seperti serigala- binatang ‘
Juga dikenal sebagai anjing Cape berburu , anjing pemburu dicat dan ’ MBWA mwilu ’ dalam bahasa Swahili
Ancaman langsung termasuk hilangnya habitat , populasi terisolasi dan terfragmentasi , penganiayaan manusia (hunting dan keracunan ) dan penyakit menyebar dari hewan domestik
Anjing liar Afrika memanfaatkan lubang kosong yang ditinggalkan oleh hewan lain untuk melahirkan anak mereka
Anak anjing lahir setiap tahun , biasanya antara bulan Maret dan Juni . Sebuah sampah dapat berisi sebanyak 16 anak anjing , tapi kematian dini yang tinggi . Anjing liar Afrika dapat hidup sampai 10 tahun .

Anjing liar Afrika membutuhkan wilayah jelajah yang luas . Di Serengeti diperkirakan bahwa setiap paket memiliki berbagai rumah 1.500 km2 . Suatu daerah ukuran Greater London , yang merupakan rumah bagi 7,5 juta orang , dapat mendukung hanya satu atau dua bungkus anjing liar .

Mereka pernah berkisar di sub - Sahara Afrika , dari Barat ke Timur dan turun ke ujung Afrika Selatan . Hari ini mereka telah hampir menghilang di Afrika Barat dan Tengah . Sisa populasi sebagian besar ditemukan di Afrika bagian selatan dan tenggara , tetapi kelompok-kelompok yang terfragmentasi dan terisolasi dari satu sama lain .

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Setiap kelompok keluarga membutuhkan wilayah yang sangat besar . Sebagai saluran terakhir Afrika hutan belantara dihancurkan , anjing liar dipaksa menjadi daerah di mana mereka menghadapi ancaman asing , seperti pertemuan fatal dengan manusia dan paparan virus sering mematikan yang dibawa oleh anjing domestik .

source:http://www. fauna-flora .org/