Smuggling of fuel subsidy to the increasingly frequent East Timor

Smuggling of fuel oil ( BBM ) of various types to Timor Leste last few months is more intense . Conditions were disturbing number of people , not least the clergy who served in Belu regency , East Nusa Tenggara ( NTT ), which is directly adjacent to East Timor .

Stela Maris Atapupu Parish Priest , Fr Yoris Giri to in Atambua , Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) , said fuel smuggling is done by people , now more daring , even openly operating in daylight .

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" I witnessed at General Fuel Filling Station ( Gas Station) in Atambua , many two-wheeled vehicles that supply the type of gasoline and diesel fuel to be dumped in the homes of residents near the gas station . Then in the afternoon around 15:00 pm until the next day at around 07.00 pm , the fuel was taken to the limit and accommodated in houses , "revealed Father Yoris .

Later in the night, Romo said Yoris , all fuel was brought into East Timor by road rat ( lane illegally ) , even today mostly by sea .

Facts related to the smuggling of fuel into the Timor Leste rampant , besides witnessed by Father Yoris , also over reports of border security task force of the military who caught the perpetrators smugglers and securing approximately two tons of fuel per day .

" I am tired , bored and desperate to see this because there is no deterrent effect on the offenders , although often arrested . I hope , the government should be more assertive to society by socializing the meaning of fuel subsidies every year and the national debt growing more and more , so that people know . We also need to work together to empower the community in a variety of their abilities , but it takes patience , " he explained .

Romo also bergharap Yoris government and security institutions see this issue honestly and critically sake of this beloved nation .


Establishments Build WACA in Slum Areas

Provincial Government (Provincial ) of Jakarta Sports and Youth Department through ( Disorda ) administration will build a sports field in each village with slums .

Establishments Disorda head Ratiyono this program reveals an idea Jakarta Vice Governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama .

"If there are those who have land in dense areas and want to sell , we will buy , we want to build as an open area . Especially in the slums , so that people can interact , " said Ratiyono , told reporters at City Hall on Monday ( 26 / 5/2014 ) .

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Construction of sports fields that will be proposed in the Local Budget Amendment (budget - P ) 2014. However , Ratiyono not explain in detail how much budget will be allocated for development . It will survey the field first, and proposed budgets .

The first project on the sports field slum Mas is in Sunter , North Jakarta . There, Ratiyono said , there is a pool that has not been used .

" We will destroy just to be open land . This year , we build sports fields there , as a model for other regions , " said Ratiyono .

Sunter Mas wide area of about 2000 square meters . He planned to build a volleyball court , basketball , and badminton there .

Meanwhile , Vice Governor of Jakarta Basuki Purnama Tjahaja Disorda instructs city to buy the land as much as possible to build a volleyball court , basketball , badminton , RW and in every village . He said the region is a priority in South Jakarta and East Jakarta .

" I’m sure , talents village children could be channeled in that field . Because if sport in GOR , must pay rent , they are so insecure . Later , public health will also increase , " said Basuki .


Observer: Need for Negative Campaign “Stripping” Political Opponents

University of Indonesia political analyst Supreme Suprio assess negative campaign needs to be done as an effort to ” expose ” of political opponents and opened the eyes of the public over the track record of each presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate .

" Negative campaign undertaken to exploit the opponent’s weaknesses , and still in a healthy campaign . Fact required in order for voters to know the track record of the candidate . Negative campaign like I say expose the candidates so that voters can see the candidates as a whole , " said Agung contacted from Jakarta on Friday ( 23.05.2014 ) , as quoted by Antara .

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He said , the wisdom of the negative campaign that the public can ensure a presidential and vice presidential candidates are really clean when served .

" This negative campaign based on facts , in contrast to the campaigns of slander essentially black and primordial . Campaign if black is expressly prohibited by the rules of the campaign , " said Agung .

He cautions , black campaign can actually enter the realm of the criminal , and violation of the rules of information , telecommunications , and electronics if done on television , the internet , and the like .

To prevent the occurrence of dark campaign conducted sympathizers , according to him , should the two shafts coalition ( Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa - Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla ) committed to each other and called upon his supporters to campaign healthy .

"In addition , reported ’ black campaign ’ to the competent institution in order to create a deterrent effect to prospective black campaigners , " said Agung .


Golkar’s Akbar coriander Suggest Substitution After the Presidential Election

Discourse acceleration of the implementation of the national congress to depose the position of Chairman of the Golkar Party Bakrie more incentive voiced in internal party bearing the banyan tree .

Advisory Council Chairman Akbar Golkar Party said that the General Assembly may direct presidential election was held after the implementation is complete . According to Akbar , many different views on the internal matter of the period of office of the Golkar Party Bakrie .

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Bakrie designated as Chairman of the General Assembly in 2009 . Accordance budget Elementary and Bylaws of the Golkar Party , the post of Chairman of just 5 years . However , in a meeting in Pekanbaru in 2009 , it is recommended that the term of office of Bakrie 6 years , ie until January 2015 .

According to Akbar , the disagreements should be discussed on a forum . He even considered a forum to assess the validity of the decision in Pekanbaru only national fora . He considered , the General Assembly could have just held on July 2014 .

" Now it ‘s just one round . Done in July can be done Munas . Could study whether the proper Pekanbaru and still relevant ? Because it conflicts with AD / ART , " Akbar said when met at his residence in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 21/5 / 2014 ) .

Vice Chairman of the Golkar Party Laksono also had expressed the need to immediately set a new Chairman . However , he did not agree with Akbar . Court judge did not have to be accelerated into National Conference in July .

" October alone . Was not accelerated , not slowed down . Accordance party constitution , " said Agung already declared candidates advance in exchange Golkar Party Chairman by the Kosgoro organizations .


Thailand Announces Martial Law to Address Riots

Armed Forces of Thailand announces state of martial law across the divided kingdom , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) , in order to restore order after months of anti-government protests are deadly . Military deploy armed forces in the capital Bangkok but insists that the move was ” not a coup ” .

Army - tentaa who bore arms , supported military vehicles equipped with machine guns , seen in the heart of Bangkok ritail and hotel area . Army also placed in television stations and the military said , the media will be censored .

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The dismissal of the Prime Minister ( PM ) Yingluck Shinawatra earlier this month , in a controversial court decision , has given rise to tensions that soared in the kingdom , who for years have experienced political turmoil . Mass ” Red Shirt ” supporters which is the Yingluck and her brother Thaksin Shinawatra , who was ousted from the prime minister’s seat in a 2006 coup , has warned of the threat of civil war if the power is transferred to a leader who is not elected through the electoral process , as the demands of the opposition .

Thailand , the country ‘s second-largest economy in Southeast Asia and a key U.S. ally , had no effective functioning government since last December . Circumstances that have disrupted government spending , scaring investors and deter foreign tourists .

The country now faces a recession , based on the latest growth figures released this week , and Japan , the company has some of the largest foreign investment in Thailand , have expressed concern over the ongoing crisis . ” We have serious concerns about the situation in Thailand , ” said Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan , Yoshihide Suga , told reporters in Tokyo . ” We once again urge all parties to exercise restraint and not resort to violence . “

Mass Red Shirt leader in Bangkok said soldiers had surrounded them , and the government says the military is trying to convince them to disperse.

" We had been surrounded by troops on all sides , " said protester leader , Jatuporn Prompan , told AFP news agency .

An announcement in the military -run television said , applied martial law ” in order to restore peace and bring people from all sides ” after seven months of protests that have caused 28 people were killed and hundreds injured . ” This is not a coup , ” said the announcement . ” People should not panic , they can still live their lives as usual . “

Although there is no guarantee that the military , fear that the ongoing military takeover was triggered by the presence of soldiers and command Army Chief General Prayut Chan - O - Chaan that the media will be censored in the interests of ” national security ” .

The state government claimed not to talk about the imposition of martial law . Paradorn Pattanatabut , security adviser to the Prime Minister ‘s new Niwattumrong Boonsongpaisan confirmed it . ” The interim government is still there with Niwattumrong as interim prime minister . Everything was normal except that the military is responsible for all issues of national security , ” he said .

A close aide to the prime minister said , they were holding a ” mini cabinet meeting today at a safe house ” and will make an official announcement on this day .


Ical Spokesman Affirms There Is No Certainty Duet with Pramod

Bakrie family spokesman , Lalu Mara Satria Wangsa , affirmed , until now there has been no decision will be made regarding the coalition of the Golkar Party , including the duet news he is familiarly called Ical was the Vice Chairman of the Trustees of the Democratic Party Pramod Edhie Wibowo .

To be sure , he continued , Ical as Chairman of the party bearing the banyan tree will abide by the party decision .

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" Too much information circulating out . Mr. Bakrie has been in political communication . Was going to be reported tomorrow in the forum rapimnas ( national leadership meeting ) , " said Lalu Mara to , Saturday ( 05/17/2014 ) .

He asserted , coalition problems or vice presidential candidate will be discussed in rapimnas to be held at the Hotel Sultan , Jakarta , Sunday ( 18/04/2014 ) .

" It was left to the forum rapimnas , baseball can ujug - ujug , " he said .

Then Mara said , as Golkar chairman Bakrie has political communication with the various parties , and it will be reported in rapimnas .

" Mr. Bakrie consistent , obedient to the organization ‘s decision , any decision , " he said .


Staff Expert: Parting Hatta Rajasa Enough Melancholy

Coordinating Minister Hatta Rajasa was already held a small farewell to his staff today , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) in connection with the resignation from the post of Minister for Economic Affairs .

CMEA expert staff is also Chief Economist Danareksa Purbaya Yudhi Sadewa revealed when Hatta announced its intention atmosphere in the office is very melancholy retreat .

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" Tend melancholy and giving spirit . Basically ( the entire staff ) gave a positive appraisal everything , " said Purbaya .

Because of the separation event is informal , Hatta did not give specific messages related to the continuation of the work program for staff CMEA . ” But all his staff knows , at least not the whole program on paper is enough , ” he explained .

Meanwhile , Hatta Rajasa not give an unequivocal statement related news of his resignation to accompany Prabowo be a vice presidential candidate . He said he would comment after meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono .

" I do not say anything about it before reporting to the President . ( Substitute Minister for Economic Affairs ) the affairs of Mr. President . I reported before , " said Hatta .

Berhembusnya related news Chairul will replace as Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta , Hatta claimed not to comment regarding it . Back he said , the right to determine his successor is President . ” I can not talk . Report to the President ,” said Hatta short .


Hospital Will Establish PKU Education Center Cardiovascular and Cancer

Hospital ( RS ) in collaboration with the Limestone Education PKU Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta and the universities Klinikum Osnabrueck ( SME ) / University Hospital of Munster Germany will establish a cardiovascular and cancer treatment centers holistically and comprehensively .

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It was made ​​Chairman MPKU ( Assembly of People ‘s Health Services ) Board of Directors Yogyakarta and also RS PKU Muhammadiyah Ahmad Faesol Limestone Medical Center in ASRI Yogyakarta , Friday ( 2/5 ) in a press conference Indonesia - Germany Health Care and Cancer Care Cardiovascular Conference Yogyakarta will take place May 3 to 4

According to him , the future of cancer treatment and cardiovascular in addition to outpatient services also in hospitalization. But to make the Cancer Treatment Center and Kadiovaskuler requires no small amount of preparation . He hoped in 2016 that can already be realized . For Cardiovascular Treatment Center of course there must be a special place .

Coordinator Director of The Cancer Center Compehensive Minister Jorg Haier said University Hospital of Munster Germany is one of the universities and hospitals in Germany that superior service is one of the areas of cardiovascular and cancer .

” We brought a team that will give you the skills and knowledge common to doctors , specialists , nurses , midwives and lecturers and educators in providing services , including cardiovascular care and cancer prevention by early examination against cancer and cardiovascular , ” he said .

According Faesol , teams from Germany will provide knowledge in workshops that became the opening of a series of National Workshop held MPKU d Asri Medical Centre Yogyakarta . MPKU is followed by all hospitals , institutes kesehatandan service teaching hospital owned Indonesian Muhammadiyah .


Today, the Commission Holds Vote recapitulation 5 Provinces

Komisi Pemilihan Umum kembali menggelar Rapat Pleno Terbuka rekapitulasi suara Pemilihan Legislatif 2014, Selasa (29/4/2014), di Gedung KPU, Jakarta Pusat. Hari ini merupakan hari keempat rekapitulasi. Ada lima KPUD yang akan membacakan hasil rekapitulasi hari ini, yaitu Provinsi Kalimantan Tengah, Aceh, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Jawa Tengah dan Yogyakarta. 

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"Dengan rahmat Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa rapat pleno terbuka saya buka kembali. Hari ini kita akan tampilkan lima provinsi. Khusus untuk Yogyakarta kita masukkan ke daftar cadangan, kalau cukup waktu kita bacakan, kalau tidak berarti besok," kata Ketua KPU Husni Kamil Manik saat membuka rapat. 

Sejak Sabtu (26/4/2014) lalu, KPU melakukan rapat pleno rekapitulasi hasil pemungutan suara Pileg 2014 tingkat nasional. Proses rekapitulasi akan dilaksanakan selama 11 hari hingga 6 Mei 2014. Sejak dimulainya rekapitulasi suara nasional, KPU baru mengesahkan suara di enam provinsi yaitu, Kalimatan Barat, Gorontalo, Bangka Belitung, Jambi, Sumatera Barat, dan Bali. 

Sementara Provinsi Banten, Jawa Barat, Bengkulu, DKI Jakarta (Dapil 1,2,3), Riau, dan Lampung diharuskan untuk rapat pleno ulang di tingkat provinsi dengan berkoordinasi dengan Bawaslu provinsi.


Commission : 5 Representatives Foreign Documents Not to Give

General Elections Commission ( KPU ) has not completed the recapitulation abroad today , Tuesday, April 29, 2014 . Because the number of Election Committee of Foreign Affairs ( PPLN ) has not submitted the documents ballot .

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" For foreign elections , there are 5 more regional or representation that does not incorporate physical . So we wait . If for example there , we ‘ll inform you further , we will assign rekapnya results , " said commissioner Commission , Ferry Kurnia Rizkiyansyah in office Commission , Jakarta .

Ferry insists to this day it has not been declared the winner or the loser formally . Although it is mentioned that the PDI-P led to the vote while abroad .

" We just get it ( winning party ) on May 9, 2014 , " he said .

Known , the Commission could move abroad recapitulation process of building Commission to Hotel Le Meredien , Jakarta , on Friday, April 25, 2014 night .

At that time , the document of 17 PPLN has not entered into the Commission will be completed no later than tomorrow . However, the Commission still claims to be completed in 113 PPLN recapitulation .