Pendiri Dipecat, “Facebook-nya Rusia” Dikuasai Orang Dekat Putin

The social network VKontakte , which is often referred to as the Russian version of Facebook , has just lost its founder , Pavel Durov . He had been fired because of social networking that has been dominated by a homemade two people close to Russian President Vladimir Putin .

In a statement on page VKontakte , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) , Durov said , “Today , VKontakte running under full control of Igor Sechin and Alisher Usmanov . “

Usmanov is a technology company entrepreneurs , , which has been increasing its stake in VKontakte . He also has a share of around 10 percent on Facebook .

While Sechin , Rosneft is the CEO , the state -owned oil company . He is believed to be one of the closest advisors of President Putin .

Durov who is currently 29 years old , founded the VKontakte which now has more than 100 million users in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union .

" Perhaps , in the Russian context , things like this can not be avoided , but I’m glad we have been together for seven and a half years , " said Durov . " We do a lot of things , and part of what has been done can not be changed back . "

Durov got a lot of pressure here and there since 2013 related to freedom of expression VKontakte users . Last week , Durov asked to shut down or block the activity of the anti - government group Ukraine , but Durov refused the request .

Now he no longer has a stake in VKontakte , having already sold 12 per cent stake and the remaining shareholders have approved VKontakte in early 2014 .

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The Russian government had long maintained tight control over the media of television and print media , but they are less strict in controlling the online media . The anti - Putin activists utilize online media to protest.


Ready to attack Island Tourism Village in Bali Newest

After a year of evaluation , the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has set Serangan Island as a tourist village in Bali . Serangan Island should be a priority for development.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu said , choosing the latest attack a tourist village on the island of Bali could not be separated from the assessment and evaluation of the results of more than a year . It is expected that this year Serangan Island can get priority to be developed .

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He said , the potential of nature and its resources to support the attack has developed into sustainable tourism . This was done with a comprehensive approach that can give more value not only to encourage the entrepreneurial community . More than that , so that local people can meet established standards, such as in terms of providing homestay accommodation and other facilities . It is also expected , later developing the creative industries in the village .

" We believe it to be the answer tourist village in ensuring the welfare of its people and preserve the environment and local knowledge , " she said after meeting Indonesia preparation for the Wonderful Adventure Asia Paacific Hash in Bali Governor ‘s Office , recently .

Although it has been declared as a tourist village , continued Mari , village attacks still take several years to be completed phases of the development and management of the Strategic National Tourism ( KSPN ) on an ongoing basis .

In addition to attacks , Kemenparekraf also have a glance at some of the village for future development , such as the Pandavas in the village Kutuh District of South Kuta , Badung regency . Unknown , based on Tourism Act No. 10/2009 there were 88 KSPN to be developed and refined throughout Indonesia until 2025 . For 3 to 5 years into the future , the government will focus on 16 KSPN , including Kuta , Sanur and Nusa Dua which has been entered in the KSPN .

On the other hand , let say , Kuta , Sanur , Nusa Dua and accounted for 37 percent of total national tourism as well as the main entrance for foreign tourists to Indonesia . He highlighted areas of southern Bali which has a major challenge in the development of sustainable tourism . Reminded that the issues in the region are well managed because potentially degrade the quality of tourism . Therefore , it is necessary disepekati with local governments to improve the management of this area comprehensively .


Regent’s Jokowi Guard Ready For Candidates

West Lampung Regent Mukhlis Basri states fully support the candidacy of Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) as the presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle .

" I’m ready to be the head of the winning team to support Jokowi to be elected president of Indonesia 2014-2019 , especially to win votes in Lampung Province , " he said , in Bandarlampung on Friday .

According to him , Jokowi a suitable figure to lead this nation , because it has a forward thinking , strong and firm so it deserves to lead this nation beset by many problems .

" I will fight for victory Jokowi especially in Lampung , even in order to obtain maximum results need to embrace all elements of society because this is not a party interests but the interests of the community , " said Chairman DPC PDIP the West Lampung .

He added that many emerging movement advocating Jokowi became president from 2014 to 2019 . ” This is what we should be united in the form of maximum coordination , in order to forward Jokowi is an option all the people who will miss the figure of the leader of the pro-people , ” he said .

He also confirmed not only under the auspices of the party or winning elections Agency ( Bapilu ) PDI , given that some elements of society is of course not only of the party alone . ” Let the fight for the party focus , which is important for us to keep coordination , ” he said .

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He said the party’s support will certainly cater for Jokowi as cadres who had been mandated by the DPP as the next presidential candidate .


Elite PPP SDA - Prabowo Opponents Coalition Meeting Up Early Days

A substantial number of United Development Party ( PPP ) against a coalition with Gerindra held a meeting until around 1:35 pm . The elite coriander agree expressed support to the PPP Suryadharma Ali Prabowo is illegal .

" Mr. Chairman Suryadharma Ali can not say as the mandatory Congress . Mandatorily This is the official conference , " said Secretary General PPP PPP Romahurmuziy Office , Jl Diponegoro , Jakarta , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) morning .

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This meeting was attended by the elite of PPP does not come at the declaration to support PPP candidate Prabowo Gerindra . They claim to be mandatorily PPP official congress .

The meeting was also attended by a number of officials were dismissed and repositioned by Suryadharma . Present at the meeting Romahurmuziy PPP Secretary General who led the meeting , Waketum Monoarfa Manoarfa , Waketum Emron Pangkapi , Waketum Lukman Hakim Syaifuddin , Chairman of the Board of Experts Assembly PPP Zarkasih Noor , and others .

" Including the 25 person board DPP , " said Romi , greeting Romahurmuziy .

Those states not invited and notified of events to support the declaration of Prabowo on Friday afternoon ( 18/4 ) yesterday .

Even Romi learned from the media that there is a declaration of support Suryadharma to Prabowo . Romi surprised by the show of support that declaration .

" As with the implementation of this afternoon , none of the board and invited or informed. Surprise I experienced . Neither the DPP ‘s 50 daily board was told , " he said , pointing to the board about 25 people sitting in the meeting room .


Three Types Sprue You Need To Know

Almost everyone may have experienced canker sores . But not many people know what types of mild to severe thrush . Though severe canker sores often disturbing kind speech , chewing and swallowing .

As revealed by mouth disease experts from the Department of Oral and Dental FKGUI - Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital , DR . drg . Sasanti fragrant Yudhoyono , Sp.PM that canker sores ( stomatitis Recurrent Aphthosa ) has the characteristics of one fifth basin -shaped wounds ( ulcers ) shallow , clear and irregular edges , bentunya round or oval and surrounded by red and painful .

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In addition , according to Harum , other characteristics are the location of the canker sores in the lining of the mouth usually terdaoat are not in the gums or soft palate oral cavity .
More specifically , three types of canker sores Harum split as follows :

1 . Sprue minor
Minor canker sores are usually small in size . Fragrant explained , minor canker sores the size average of 2-4 millimeters and numbered no more than 5 wounds ( ulcers ) . In addition , this type is usually the fastest heal itself after 3-7 days .

2 . Sprue major
Sprue major basins characterized by a rather deep. 8-10 millimeters in diameter , this type of canker sores have irregular edges and feels pain at all . But do not worry , these sores can also smebuh yourself longest 4-5 weeks .

3 . Sprue type herpetiformis
Types of canker sores herpetiformis is more like herpes because such shallow wound that has small size but large numbers . According Harum , the amount of this type of canker sores can be up to 100 ulcers with a diameter of 1-2 mm and 7-14 days to heal .


Buy Twitter Social Data Provider Company

Twitter announced that it has purchased the company’s social data providers , Gnip , to values ​​that are not disclosed on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) . Twitter shares soared thanks to this announcement because social data is believed to be very attractive to corporate and government segments .

Twitter is in the stock price of 45.52 dollars at the close of trading on Tuesday , moving up 4.65 percent compared to the previous day .

Twitter said in a blog publications that deal with Gnip allows them to dig deeper analysis of 500 million per day posed chirp users .

Companies based in San Francisco , California , USA , before utilizing the data belonging to third party companies , namely Datasift and Dataminr , to buy and sell the data analysis chirp back to the corporate segment .

" The chirp of the public can reveal various insights . So many institutions academics , journalists , marketers , brands , politicians , and development , which regularly use Twitter and collect data to see trends , sentiment analysis , looking for news , connect with customers , and more , "said Jana Messerschmidt , Vice President of Twitter .

Gnip was founded in 2008 . They have teamed up with Twitter for four years , but also provides social data to content on Tumblr , WordPress , Reddit , Instagram , and Foursquare .

Ryan Sarver , a former director of the Twitter platform and now works for the company investors Redpoint Ventures , said the acquisition could immediately boost earnings Twitter . Because , there are hundreds of clients in finance , media , and government , which utilize Twitter data and are willing to pay to get the data.

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" There is a huge latent value in linimassa Twitter , " Ryan said , as quoted by Reuters .


In Surabaya Society Invites Use BBG

CNG Association of Indonesia ( APCNGI ) East Java Surabaya and surrounding communities encourage use of gas fuel ( BBG ) .

" These efforts also help the government to promote the use of motor vehicles with CNG . One of them held a road show socialization of CNG for vehicles in Surabaya , " said Chairman APCNGI East Java , Puspito N Buntoro on Socialization Use of CNG in Jakarta, Tuesday ( 15/4 ) .

" In addition to cheap , CNG is also very environmentally friendly and is very good for the performance of motor vehicle engines , " he said .

This, he explained, is evidenced by the 264 units of personal and company vehicles that have been converted to ” Natural Gas Vehicle / NGV ” . Of that amount , mostly motor vehicle operated in Gresik , Surabaya , Sidoarjo , and Mojokerto .

Regarding the price , he added , only Rp4.500 BBG / Liter Equivalent Premium ( LSP ) without subsidies and ” Research Octane Number ” ( RON ) 120 .

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From the operational side of the vehicle , CNG also produces a much more complete combustion than fuel . ” Exhaust emissions of CNG vehicles compared to only a third of the exhaust emissions of petroleum -fueled vehicles , ” he said .


Polio Vaccine Sales Still Dependable Bio Farma

Owned pharmaceutical company PT Bio Farma ( Persero ) rely on the support of polio vaccine as the biggest sales .
The Company’s expected contribution polio vaccine sales amounted to 60 % of total revenues this year of Rp 2 trillion .

This value is equivalent to Rp 1.2 trillion . Bio Farma director Iskandar claims , polio vaccine sales company is also selling around the world .
" The polio vaccine we ‘ve exported to 127 countries and dominate global sales , " he claims .

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Despite already having flagship product , does not mean the company did not develop a new vaccine products . He said the company annually budgeted Rp 100 - Rp 200 billion for research .

Well , the research is now bearing fruit with a new product or a pentavalent vaccine combination vaccine of DPT - HB - base HiB for babies .

Pentavelan vaccine is still waiting to get his license prequalification from the World Health Organization ( WHO ) in order to enter the market in other countries .

" We are still waiting for permission from the WHO first , hopefully this July could license out . So , it is still marketed in the domestic first . New vaccine is expected to contribute revenues of 20 % , " he said .


Know Technology Fast or Quick Count

Currently , the Quick Count the center of attention throughout the community who want to monitor the vote count results legislative election results quickly and instantly .

Quick Count is a method of verifying election results , the data obtained from the samples in the field . Unlike the pooling technology , the sample was not obtained from the respondents who were questioned one by one , but is obtained from official recapitulation in the field .

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So , what are the technologies that are used for calculating the success of a Quick Count ? The answer depends on each institution . However , technology Short Message Service ( SMS ) or text messaging service on mobile phones , is popularly used by agencies Quick Count counter .

Just as an aside , this is not the first technology called Quick Count , but the Parallel Vote Tabulation or in parallel voter tabulation .

Well , now the question is how to utilize this technology to be applied Quick Count in the field ? Here is a quote Quick Count how commonly done by the survey agencies :

1 . Preparing tools and support systems to be able to deliver data quickly to a data processing center pollsters who perform the Quick Count method . These devices ranging from computers for inputting data for a mobile phone to send an SMS to the election results to the server where the received data.

2 . Election polling stations as a data retrieval . TPS are taken at random based on consideration of the total population , the latest turnout , voter distribution as in how many villages are scattered , and so on . In short , if voters proportionally many sample sites ( TPS ) taken too much and to represent the characteristics of the population .

3 . Preparing volunteers to take samples and inputting it into the data system . The number of volunteers is enough to take the data from the polling stations have been .

4 . Data that have been obtained will be processed in the data center by early applied science stasistik , processed the data from this survey agencies can quickly calculate the winner of the election .

If we look at the workings of the Quick Count , we can interpret that the results of the calculation of the Quick Count is not the result of calculation of all polling stations to vote , but rather by using the principle of statistical science .

Thus , the institution that organizes the Quick Count survey only takes a sample of the many polling stations and polling stations have taken from populations and share many other considerations .

Although the results of this instant quick count and certainly never on , but the results of the Quick Count ( organized by pollsters who are capable and honest ) never misses who won from the election . [ from various sources ]


Spreading Million Mangrove seedlings in Site Learning Kurricaddi

may be a historic day for Mangrove Action Project (MAP ) Indonesian and Kurricaddi Hamlet , Village Nisombalia , Maros , South Sulawesi . That day , World Learning and the Mangrove Pond Kurricaddi inaugurated , characterized stocking million mangrove seedlings to an area of ​​23.38 hectares .

The land , a former farm which was opened by converting mangroves . These seeds are expected to adapt and find a location worthy of zoning grow . Mangrove species planted were identified once grew in this region but it is lost or reduced as land conversion .

Kurricaddi World Learning ‘s probably the only site studied by the method of ecological mangrove mangrove restoration ( EMR ) , has not been widely applied .

Nurdin Yusran Mass , Senior Project MAP Indonesia , told Mongabay said , there are many mangrove study sites , such as mangrove planting centers with limited activity . That way , the success of mangrove rehabilitation in Indonesia and the Asia -Pacific is considered very low .

"One of the results of research Robin Roy Lewis , practitioners mangrove world of the MAP shows , 90 percent of mangrove restoration project did not achieve the goal of restoration , " he said .

Heavy equipment , excavators make tidal waterways and creating an appropriate substrate height for mangrove growth . Source: Yusran , MAP Indonesia
Heavy equipment , excavators make tidal waterways and creating an appropriate substrate height for mangrove growth . Source: Yusran , MAP Indonesia

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In Kurricaddi , he said , wearing EMR method , conventional restoration pattern , which emphasizes on the improvement of ecological conservation , to be suitable for mangrove growth . ” In making this study area using the land demolition excavator . Farm lands dismantled , restored to its original state . “

With the EMR method , the seeds were allowed to grow naturally in the surrounding area . ” The next three years of our evaluation . Indicators of success if there is a minimum of 1,250 seedlings per hectare to grow , ” said Yusran .

The seeds collected from various regions . Addition of about Hamlet Kurricaddi , also Majene , West Sulawesi . ” We planted four varieties of mangrove based on research found in this area in the past , among other Ceriops sp , Bruguiera sp , Avicennia sp and sp Aegiceras . “

During this three-year period will be monitored every six months , involving researchers from the Working Group, World Learning Kurricaddi and Muhammadiyah University ( Unismuh ) Makassar .

The study site under the management of Unismuh . Abdul Malik , Unismuh Pond Management Responsibility , said , students from several levels of education in the university has a research and media research . In fact , it could encourage many researchers and other academics to share knowledge and research results related to mangroves and ponds .

Ratna Fadillah , Project Director of MAP Indonesia hopes , return of mangrove ecosystems and communities could be encouraged through the study site . ” As well as a natural laboratory when studying mangroves and ponds . “